Real people. Real food. A real life to live. We choose single source organic roots because simplicity is the best foundation. We make the beverages simple, so that you can make them complicated. Add to juice, mix with alcohol, spice up lemonade or take as a shot on its own. Real, healthy concoctions add spice to life. It’s simple. It’s sustainable. It’s satisfying. As you would build a recipe with single ingredients, treat our drink as that foundational ingredient. Always sugar & additive free. As real as nature intended. Roots are the powerhouse to the plant, find our real roots to awaken the powerhouse in you. Feel self-empowered. Live healthy. The root of all good begins with you.

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Two yogi’s found their way into a music festival, the rest is history. Just kidding. But we’re kind of serious. Through a stroke of luck mixed with hard work topped with timing and caramelized with synchronicity Real Roots was the result of local Boulder mate company passing on their blessing known as a festival vendor booth. The Rocky Mountain Folks Fest is where magic is made. Brion and Rory saw this as making it. As two yogis, movement makers, climbers, jumpers, swimmers and playful souls they saw nothing but opportunity in the making Brion, growing up with a mother who was into home remedies & natural health theories, was exposed to odd concoctions and forward thinking of body awareness. Jars of brewed tonics lined the frig door as emergency stock for colds, belly aches or stiff joints. As an active mover, yoga teacher, and gymnastics coach, I found the benefits of ginger (and turmeric, it’s fancier yet not as sassy cousin) to be a benefit to both me and my students health and stamina. As a lover of food and beverage I found both to be a tasty additive to food and drinks & noticed the physical benefits that occurred in the aftermath. Rory, just a guy that likes to keep things spicy, hence ginger in my lemonade quickly became ginger in everything! Movement, playfulness and honesty are my real roots and the Real Roots we brew help me to express myself evermore.

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